Samta Sainik Dal



I, a member of the Indian (Scheduled Caste) Community, entering the ranks of the Samata Sainik Dal, do hereby take an Oath and solemnly swear to be an honorable, brave, disciplined and resolute fighter in the glorious cause of the emancipation of my class from all oppression, exploitation and slavery.
I shall ever be ready at the Command of the S S D to go forward for the defence of the just and human rights of the people of my class and community.
Should it be out of weakness, cowardice or evil design, I violate this oath and betray the interests of my people, I shall be ready to suffer the full measure of punishment at the hands of the Dal.


(1) The name of the organisation shall be ‘ Samata Sanik Dal ‘ hereafter referred to as the S.S.D.
(2) The Samata Sainik Dal shall be affiliated to the Republican Party of India (Successor of All India Scheduled Caste Federation). The President of the Party on the advice of the Executive Council of the Party (Federation) shall appoint a nominee of the Party (Federation) to supervise the affairs of the Samata Sainik Dal in each town and each Province and the Samata Sainik Dal in each town and Province shall work under the guidence of a supervisor, so appointed.


(1) The aim of the Samata Sainik Dal is to strive for the removal of all inequality based on race, religion, caste, sex or class and to unite all members of the Indian (Scheduled Caste) Communities for a struggle to build a society based on the freedom and equality of all
(2) To achieve this aim :
1.The Samata Sainik Dal shall unite and organise the Indian (Scheduled Caste) youths under its banner.
2.The Samata Sainik Dal shall promote all social, cultural and other activities among the Indians (Scheduled Castes) particularly among the youth so as to cultivate self respect, self reliance and a spirit of self sacrifice in their minds.
3.The Samata Sainik Dal shall co-operate, with all such organisations and movements that help to further its aims and objects.


Any person belonging to the Indian community (Scheduled Castes) above the age of 18 who agrees with the above aims and objects can join the Samata Sainik Dal on payment of yearly subscription of ten rupees (twelve annas).


(1) Samata Sainik Dal training shall consists of physical, intellectual and military type.
(2)The Samata Sanik Dal shall organise training Camps, Schools, Clubs, Classes, Lectures, Debates, Libraries etc. and such other forms of activities as it may consider expedient from time to time.
(3) Branches of All India Samata Sanik Dal shall function in all Indian States (Provinces) and branches shall also be set up, wherever possible in the Indian States.
Each Provincial branch will organise its District Committees and each District Committee in its own will organise Town and Village Committees.
(4) The General Body of Samata Sainik Dal in a Town or a Village shall select, according to their ranks, a Town or Village Committee of 5 members, one President, two Secretaries and also select delegates from among themselves to the District Conference in the following manner :-
For 1 to 25 members – One Delegate
For 25 to 50 members – Two Delegates and so on.
(5) The District Conference shall select a District Committee of 10 members, one President and two Secretaries as also delegates to the Provincial Conference from amongst themselves according to their ranks in the following manner :-
For 5 delegates to the District Conference and one delegate to State (Provincial) Conference. For District delegates numbering above five and up to ten, two delegates to the State (Provincial) Conference and so on.
(6)The State (Provincial) Conference shall select according to their ranks a Provincial Committee of 20 members, one President, two Secretaries and also delegates to the All India Conference. The number of such delegates to the All India Conference shall not exeed 5% of the total strength of membership in each Province.
(7) The All India Conference of Samata Sainik Dal shall select on All India Council consisting of one President, one Vice-President, one General Secretary, two Joint Secretaries and one member from each State (Province) selected by the All India Central Committee.
(8) All State (Provincial) units affiliated to the All India Samata Sainik Dal shall pay an affiliation fee of Rs. 25 per annum to the All India Samata Sainik Dal as also 5% of their gross annual income.
(9) An All India Conference of Samata Sainik Dal shall be held at least once in every year.


1.(a) 12 (Twelve Sainiks – One Section)
A group of twelve Sainiks makes one Section. The elected two leaders of such section will be called section leader First and Second.
2.(b) 24 (2 Sections – One Platoon)
Two such sections make one Platoon. The leader of a Platoon elected by the section leaders will be called Platoon Leader.
3.(c) 96 (Four Platoons – One Company)
Four such Platoons will make a Company. The Company Leader elected by the Platoon Leaders will be called a Company Commander.
4.(d) 384 (Four Company Commanders – One Battalion)
Four such Company Commanders will make a Battalian. The leader elected by the Company Commanders of the Battalian will be called a Lieutenant.
5. (e) 1152 (Three Battalians – One Regiment)
Three of such Battlians will make a Regiment and the leader elected by the Lieutenants will be called a G.O.C.
6.(f) 2500 All such G.O.C.s from all districts and provinces will make a division. The Leader elected for this division will be called as All India Commander-In-Chief.


(1) QUORUM :- The S S Dal shall meet together not less than once in every six months and shall, from time to time, make regulations consistent with this constitution.
(2) The President shall fix the date for the six monthly meetings and may whenever he thinks fit and shall upon the written request of not less than one third of the members and for a date within twenty days from the receipt of such request call a special meeting.
(3) Fifteen clear days notice of a six monthly meeting and ten clear days notice of a special meeting specifying the time and place at which such meeting is to be held and the business to be transacted there and shall be circulated to the members.
(4) If less than one third of the whole of the members be present at a meeting at any time trom the beginning to the end thereof, the presiding authority shall adjourn the meeting to such hour on the following or some other future day as he may reasonably fix and the business which would have been brought before the origional meeting and there have been a Quorum there and shall be brought before the adjourned meeting and may be disposed of at such meeting or any subsequent adjournment thereof whether there be a Quorum present or not.
(5) Every meeting shall be presided over by the President or he be absent by the Vice-president and if Vice-president is absent by such one of the members present as may be chosen by the meeting to be Chairman for the occasion.
(6) All questions shall be decided by a majority of votes of the members present, the President, Vice-president or Chairman, as the case may be having a second or casting vote in all cases of equality of votes.


Monday … Moral
Tuesday … Games and Physical Drill
Wednesday … Military Drill
Thursday … Games and Physical Drill
Friday … First Aid
Saturday … Military Drill
Sunday … Political and Social


If any Sainik or Officer of the Dal is found guilty of smoking, drinking or disobedience to lawful orders or any other mischiefs by his superiors he will be given warning once in a way. Inspite of the warning, if he takes no pain of avoiding such troubles, his uniforms and his rank will be taken back and he will be dismissed from the Dal.


The following rules regarding dress must be observed by the Sainiks and Officers of the Dal :-
SAINIK -Half Pant Khaki, Half Shirt Khaki, Folding Cap, Canvass Brown Shoes or Pathani Socks and Chappals, a stick-41/2 feet long.
NON-OFFICER -Half Pant Khaki, Half Shirt Khaki, Brown Boots, Woollen Socks Khaki, Hat-Khaki, One cane, One whistle and Khaki Bandage cloth.
OFFICER-SUPERIOR – Everything as above with the addition of Bush Coat.


(1) All the funds of the Dal shall be deposited in a Bank or Banks approved both by the Supervisor appointed by the Republican Party of India (All India Scheduled Castes Federation) and the G.O.C. of the Dal and in the name of S S D shall be operated upon by the G O C and the General Secretory of the Dal.
(2) All the branches of the S S Dal shall select any Bank or Banks in their own respective States (provinces) or Districts and shall deposit in such Bank or Banks all the funds in the name of the S S Dal and such funds shall be operated upon by any three persons authorised by the General Body in this behalf.


The flag of the All India Samata Sainik Dal will be four feet in length and 21/2 feet in width. The whole ground of the flag will be deep blue and in the top left corner there shall be 11 pointed stars in white colour. Also there shall be a sun in the middle of the flag in white colour. The letter R P I (Successor of S C F) shall be boldly written under the sun in blue colour. In the bottom right corner of the flag shall be letters S.S.D. in white colour.
The meaning of the FLAG is liberty, equality and fraternity and to fight to achieve our goal.

Refer page 566 of Volume-17, Part-III of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Writings and Speeches (Govt. of Maharashtra).

Note : After dissolving The All India Scheduled Caste Federation to establish the Republican Party of India, as our identity is no more Scheduled Caste people, required important changes shall be done accordingly as suggested above.)